Green Bayou Solutions is a turnkey solution.  Our goal is to help federal partners deploy resources quickly to the stakeholders ready to solve our greatest energy challenges, centering the people and projects we serve.

Green Bayou Solutions is a passion project: helping entities (private, public, academic and non-profit) participate in opportunities such as those included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act.  Often, organizations that are closest to the solutions may need a boost to fully participate in federal opportunities such as those included in these landmark laws.   

Green Bayou Solutions can help you connect and actualize a vision for our shared future.


Our goal is to help state and federal partners deploy resources quickly to the people and projects closest to our new energy solutions. By offering everything from government relations, prospect research, fulfillment of requests for information (RFIs), and advocacy solutions to grant writing, editing and review. Green Bayou Solutions offers high quality and professional capabilities, delivering results tailored to your specific needs.

We view our clients as partners and build relationships that last. 


Monika Gerhart, PRINCIPAL

Founder Monika Gerhart and partners have a record of transformative work to secure state and federal resources, ensure just rulemaking, provide regulatory advancement, achieve legislative goals, and elevate leaders in the field.

Most recently, Monika led the legislative and regulatory portfolio at the state and federal levels for the City of New Orleans, including all departments and agencies, The Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY), the Regional Transit Authority (RTA), the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO).

Monika is an accomplished professional with leadership and policy expertise in regulatory and legislative strategy, intergovernmental affairs, communications, and external affairs. Her background yields a wealth of readily applicable expertise to advance policy goals, stakeholder engagement, and organizational impact. 

Along with a wealth of professional experience, Monika engages in the community through a range of volunteer experiences. She is on the boards of the Hagar’s Housethe Justice & Accountability Center as well as the Lakefront Airport Authority.

Her work in and out of the office has led her to receive recognition through the Excellence in Government Award, the Avery Alexander Civil Rights Award, the Legislative & Advocacy Champions Award, and the Roger Thayer Stone Center Research Fellowship.

Monika’s award-winning impact work has provided solutions and successes for organizations large and small.